The purpose of this log is to document the process of setting up an aquarium from scratch using a fish-less cycle method and the progress of the aquarium over time. It is intended to demonstrate a realistic experience of what to expect, when going through the process, including any problems and how to deal with them.

I was given this aquarium as a present by someone I helped with their first pet fish. Their experience was what can be typically expected by any beginner: they were advised by an LFS to fill up a new aquarium with water, then let it stew for a week, before adding fish, which promptly died because the water became a toxic soup overnight. After this process was repeated twice more (on advice from different LFS), this individual went looking on the internet for knowledge.

This was only one example of a very common problem. Thousands, if not millions, of fish are killed every day by being placed in aquariums without filters or ones which have not been cycled due to ignorance or stubbornness of their owners. It does not take very much effort to grow the bacteria which will make the water safe for the animals. The first part to this log will document this process.

Yet more fish die because they have been placed into an unsuitable environment. The secondary aim of this log is to show how the most common sized aquarium can become a suitable home for your pets.

It is not socially acceptable to mistreat other pets in this way, so why should fish be an exception?


If you found this blog useful, please consider donating towards the cost of setting up and running this aquarium. Donations will help me run this project and potentially others like it.

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