Danio margaritatus habitat

Since I wrote about Danio margaritatus, I have found the following information which is supplied by an exporter that has collected them from the wild:

First of all hobbyists puzzled that the fish was only discovered in micro habitat, one of the small pond at Hopong township, in Southern Shan State. Actually the fish is widely distributed in drainages of east side and west side of the Than Lwin River not only in Myanmar, but also in Thailand.


Distribution: East of Inle Lake, Southern Shan State, and North- eastern part of Thailand.

Habitats: Small pools with the depth 60- 90 cm, with some aquatic plants. The parameters of water of the pools are pH 7-7.8, conductivity 200-250 μS, and moderately hard. The temperature range 14-30 °C depending on the season.

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