Daily tests: day 13 (la deuxième partie)

This evening’s test results before a water change were:

  • ammonia: 0 ppm
  • nitrite: over 5 ppm

…and after a 24 litre water change:

  • nitrite: over 5 ppm

I will content myself with saying “over 5 ppm” for nitrite because I’ve watched the colour develop twice today (previously, I just came back and took the readings after the 5 minutes), and I watched it give me a 5 ppm reading after developing for 40-60 seconds and by 5 minutes, the reading was the usual magenta (although not quite as vivid as the pre-water change magenta). The aquarium currently contains approximately 50 litres, so the first water change and top-up would have reduced the nitrite reading by approximately 35% and the second by approximately 48% more. In total, the filter has processed approximately 5 ppm of ammonia already, which would have produced 13.5 ppm of nitrite, of which some has already been used to produce nitrate… but I am not quite sure about how the nitrate could have reached even 15 ppm, while nitrite remained over 5 ppm, unless I have been reading the nitrate incorrectly, which is a realistic possibility. If nitrate is currently around 5 ppm, then nitrite could still have been in the 10 ppm region before water changes.

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