Daily tests: day 2

I do not expect readings to change much in the first 5 – 10 days, but for the sake of knowing when ammonia will start to be processed, I will test at least once every 24 hours throughout the whole process. This morning’s test results were:

  • ammonia: 3 ppm
  • nitrite: 0 ppm
  • nitrate: 0 ppm

I was originally planning to test only the ammonia because it should not have changed, but on reading the 1 ppm change, I decided to confirm if my reading was correct by testing for nitrite and nitrate: if the ammonia reading really had changed, one or both of the others would have registered in the tests as well. As results show, there is still no nitrite and nitrate, so I suspect that either yesterday morning or this morning I misread the ammonia results. I have been reading the tests under daylight, with the difference being that yesterday, the sky was overcast, while today it is clear.

I have no way of telling which of the two readings is correct, although I will admit that I was trying to dose to 3 ppm ammonia yesterday, and thought that I missed the mark.

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